Rev. Dale Stogner

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Rev. Dale Stogner was elected Pastor of Walker Pentecostal Church on 1/31/21, bringing with him a fresh enthusiasm for Walker Pentecostal Church to continue in the work of the Lord.  He and his wife, Sister Lindsey, previously served for seven years in youth ministry before each retired from their school teaching jobs to go on the road for full-time evangelizing.  Sister Lindsey also has her Masters degree in Elementary Education.  Walker Pentecostal Church is really blessed to have found a couple so committed to Christ and to His people.  The Stogners have three children.  You will love his preaching and his entire family!


Darlene Lott

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Rev. Dwight Barber

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Bishop Dwight Barber is our founding pastor.  Rev. Barber worked all of his life as a carpenter as well as serving as a Pastor, and was instrumental in the construction of our Church.  He had retired/resigned for a couple of years; however, the Church went through a turbulent time while he was gone.  He agreed to come back and was re-elected and served as Pastor from August of 2018 through December of 2020.  Then in January of 2021 he happily moved to the position of Bishop when a new Pastor was elected.  We appreciate Bishop Dwight and Mrs. Bonnie Barber!