Additional Info.

About our Bishop and founding Pastor, Rev. Dwight Barber

Bishop Dwight Barber is our founding pastor.  He and his lovely wife, Sister Bonnie Barber, have one son and daughter-in-law and are blessed with three grandchildren.  Rev. Barber had retired/resigned for a couple of years, during which period the Church went through some turbulent times.  We asked him to come back as an Interim Pastor while the Church healed.  During this time period as Interim Pastor, he felt the call to go back into the ministry and Praise the Lord, he was re-elected as our Pastor on 8/15/18!   He served faithfully until he asked to be moved to the position of Bishop and have a new Pastor elected.   A new Pastor was elected 1/31/21, and Rev. & Mrs. Barber continue as a part of Walker Pentecostal Church, faithfully supporting the ministry.